Thursday, June 19, 2008

The American Dream 2.0

With astronomical rise to apparent world domination, America has ascended to the historical global elite group of nations to impose its will globally as a hegemonic empire, build on the sweat of hardworking capitalist Americans following the great path of the American dream.

The pure pursuit of wealth and power, the American Dream, can come to anyone that works hard, said the capitalist whose factory was hiring, but the reality of life in a capitalist economy, is that few will rise above their class, no matter their toil, no matter how much they sweat and bleed. As the gap between the rich and the poor widens in capitalist America, its evident that a hypercapistalist state with a rapidly expanding government, and privatized government services, that the priorities of the state are not the citizens.

Often people wonder why pop media is popular given how horrible some of it truly is, and the answer is simple. People are stupid, for the most part. They are unable to differentiate for themselves what they want, and what they need, especially in terms of long term planning. Unable to choose effectively is compounded by the fact that the masses are sold everything, food, media and politics.

With consolidation of media, like conglomerates like GE that are able to market a war on the news, then sell the weapons that kill for profit, the entire society is corrupt to the core, from its founding fathers to its robbing children of generation now, its a national enterprise hell bent of profit, a powder keg of money, waiting to explode, and then the proles will continue to suffer, while the bourgeois elites escape with their money.

With a situation so dire, the reigning world superpower, with a history of global domination through imperialistic financial and militaristic means, what can be done?

A population to stupid and afraid to realize its own troubles, let alone stand up for them, and every day they wait it becomes harder as privacy and civil liberties recede under the shadow of fascism. The last bastion of free speech is under attack, the networks that power cyberspace are monitored, the fight for secure computer systems free of government and corporate collusion to rob the masses of digital privacy needs to be fought now, and private encryption needs to continue to be available for everyone.

P2P and mesh networks are the future, decentralized networking is a must to break the bonds of the corporate masters, free communication is necessary to share art, news, personal communication and ideas for radical though and paths to bettering the world.

A darknet is needed, a network for the people, by the people. It's time to get ready to reboot the system, learn from our current build, work of that, revise our codes and try again, because we have failed.