Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Wii Power Glove

This morning (at 3:40PM) I was reading the Games section on and saw what I thought to be the most exciting thing to happen to a Next Gen console.

It wasn't HD-DVD disks, or even Blu-Ray, fast processors or even a "Killer App" game.

It was a glove. Yes, I was excited about a glove.

I started reading the Digg article's title Wii Glove Coming Forget Sweaty Palms WiiMote Broken TV and stopped after reading Wii Glove. Two words and I was hooked. I clicked the link and was directed to the Engadget article is found Here.

I was sorely disappointed however. I had envisioned an updated version of the Nintendo Power Glove made for the Wii. Yes, the Power Glove featured in the 1989 commercial/film The Wizard starring Fred Savage that featured the classic "I love the Power's so bad" line.

I still hope for a Wii Power Glove, and I await reading the announcement for it.

For the Wii, we can only hope.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cyberpunk Laptop

Grab your decks, and jack into this Cyberpunk Laptop mod.

This apparently is a fully functioning computer.