Monday, July 21, 2008

The Wackness

Sometimes you watch a film and see a character that you relate to in some way, a specif thing about you seems to be the exact same, other times, you see a character that resemble you in untold numbers of ways.

A recreation in time and space, an new being of the same person, a soul recreated, a chance to make the same mistakes, new ones or achieve the perfect path to happiness.

My occupation, my freedom and my secrets are all things that I live with, and want to keep them, sharing them only when I am the gatekeeper. Working in one of the few true capitalist markets, most are dominated by government abolishing free trade to fund and protect its own corrupt existence. I am a small businessman, small and free, only trying to make people happy. And yet I am prosecuted and hunted for making a living, my secrets keep me safe, the hide from those I love the skeletons that would haunt their lives, my secrets are my pain, the lies I spin hurt me, I die a little inside every time I mouth the words, the peace they bring to you cuts me in my heart, my necessary evil slowly killing me, one lie at a time.