Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Wii Power Glove

This morning (at 3:40PM) I was reading the Games section on and saw what I thought to be the most exciting thing to happen to a Next Gen console.

It wasn't HD-DVD disks, or even Blu-Ray, fast processors or even a "Killer App" game.

It was a glove. Yes, I was excited about a glove.

I started reading the Digg article's title Wii Glove Coming Forget Sweaty Palms WiiMote Broken TV and stopped after reading Wii Glove. Two words and I was hooked. I clicked the link and was directed to the Engadget article is found Here.

I was sorely disappointed however. I had envisioned an updated version of the Nintendo Power Glove made for the Wii. Yes, the Power Glove featured in the 1989 commercial/film The Wizard starring Fred Savage that featured the classic "I love the Power's so bad" line.

I still hope for a Wii Power Glove, and I await reading the announcement for it.

For the Wii, we can only hope.


Rory "Fireshaper" said...

Last night a few friends and I were just talking about modding a Wii-mote into a Power Glove. Surprise, surprise!

Anonymous said...

its fred not frank

AnonBlogger said...

Quite true anonymous, I will fix that.