Sunday, January 28, 2007

Notes on my Generation

What will people remember of my time, my age, and my life?

I know what I am not. I am not a baby boomer, I do not belong to Generation X.

Born in the wake of the Macintosh, I am the product of two individuals of the Baby Boom.

I saw the Wall fall, I saw a man stop a tank. I am plugged in, I am connected, I was wired, but now I live without wires.

I grew up with the world fighting on TV. The failed war on drugs, African genocide, the First Gulf War, was the culture to grow up in. Later we would fight and die in the War on Terror, continue fighting the war on drugs, and witness more ceaseless conflict in Africa.

We are faced with a revolving door of new, change, evolution, and the next thing. We make slow steps up the stairs, with corporations and an ever powerful government setting up tolls, watching us on CCTV. Obsessed with incremental advancement towards materialistic goals, where is the revolution?

Do we have anything to say for our age?

We are the Orwellian children. We live in a world of fear, actors for the Watchers.

Fast. Instant. Now. Connection.

Computers, and the Internet have created for us a new reality. A world where physical limits are set aside, and our minds set the boundaries. We live in and for information. Fast computers, instant communication, media on demand playing now. We are connected to the global communication and information network everywhere. At home, in class, on our phone, to every faucet of our lives the data flows. We are connected to it all and each other.

Everything is jacked. Everything is connected. Everything is amped. Everything is fast.

With everything happening NOW, have we lost sight of the future?

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