Wednesday, June 06, 2007

IPTV coming to XBox 360 from Bell Canada

And soon, an IPTV offering that’s going to revolutionize how people think about television. That runs on an Xbox 360 or set top box. Seamlessly integrating services. Fundamentally changing the home entertainment experience.

Remarks by Michael J. Sabia, CEO of Bell Canada
2007 Annual and Special Shareholder Meeting on June 6th

IPTV through an Xbox 360?

Bell is already partners with Microsoft for the Sympatico Portal.
And Bell sells Xbox Live cards on their website.

With Bill Gates already talking about the possibility of the Xbox 360 being used as a super set top box for IPTV, and the CEO of Bell Canada talking about it, it looks like Canadians will have more to do than play Halo 3 on the consoles in the future.

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