Thursday, January 03, 2008

A look at popular things and negative publisity

Post Christmas Rush and we can have a quick look at Digg to see what the most popular gaming stories there are for the past week.

Super Mario
Wii Bundles
Wii Hacked
Xbox Live Down
Portals Fan Stuff
Xbox Live Down
PS3 Kid
Wii fixes
XBox live stalker

WoW 1 Nintendo 6 PC 2 PS3 1 Xbox 4

Nintendo's Wii is the superpopular thing of the moment, leading the console over PC domination, and thus is leading the pack with 6 of the top 13, with XBox following with a decent 4, of which one was a cool halo death, and the other three were highly negative, but highly popular due to the large effect on many of the services users. Even the positive spin of the high influx of new users from MS is at least nice to know, that lots of noobs will soon be ready to slaughter once Redmond giant can fix its own gaming network. Even bad news seems to be good news here for keeping the MS brand in the news.

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