Tuesday, December 05, 2006

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"Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman admitted that he was fairly certain that one or more of his children had downloaded music illegally, but despite this direct admission of guilt, no lawsuits are pending. Surprised? Bronfman insists that, after a stern talking-to, his children have suffered the full consequences of their actions. 'I explained to them what I believe is right, that the principle is that stealing music is stealing music. Frankly, right is right and wrong is wrong, particularly when a parent is talking to a child. A bright line around moral responsibility is very important. I can assure you they no longer do that.' I wonder if all of the people currently being sued/extorted can now just claim that they 'no longer do that.'"

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I was just about to play a CD I own after reading this I changed my mind. Instead I am going to go download something new and listen to it, so the RIAA can add one more album stolen and $20 dollars they never will see (not that they would have seen it anyway), but ya know a little fuck you to my Corprate Overlords.
Infact I think I will download 1 album every time I see an article about the RIAA on /. or digg. And when I see articles about the MPAA or when I see the annoying MPAA ads in theaters about stealing movies is like stealing cars, I will also steal a movie.

Anyways I am off to fire up the good old http://thepiratebay.org/top/101 and snag some tunes.

I will report back with a appreciation post of my soniCivil Disobedience.


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